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There are many legal pitfalls throughout the life cycle of a small business. You need sound legal advice during these periods. As your attorney, I focus on your needs while keeping your goals and expectations in mind.

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Short Sales

Protect Your Investments While Reducing Debt Obligations

If you are unable to make mortgage payments and feel that foreclosure and other creditor actions are impending, it may be time to consider a short sale. In a short sale, the lender and seller both agree that selling the property is better than foreclosing on it, even if the proceeds are less than the balance owed. At Moretsky Law, I have over 10 years of experience representing individuals, families and businesses to protect their interests in real estate investments.

Avoiding Foreclosure With Short Sale

A short sale is an alternative to foreclosure that minimizes fees for the bank and credit score outcomes for borrowers. It is a viable option if you do not want to or cannot afford to keep your home, or if you feel that ridding yourself of the mortgage obligation is better than fighting to keep up with loan payments. If you are considering a short sale, please work with an experienced attorney, as you could risk additional and unexpected liability, including the deficiency. As your advocate, I will fully explain your rights and obligations and help you take immediate action.

As a Pennsylvania short sales lawyer based in Montgomery County, I will take appropriate steps to:

  • Fully explain your rights and obligations
  • Reduce or eliminate a deficiency judgment
  • Minimize the long-term financial and legal repercussions of a short sale
  • Aggressively defend your interests at every stage
  • Handle any disputes that may arise
  • Work with the bank to craft a solution aligned with your goals
  • Help you achieve immediate and long-term debt relief

I have extensive experience in this complex area of law and keep abreast of all new developments and changes. As your attorney, you can trust that I have the skills, dedication and experience to effectively target debt relief while protecting your rights and interests. I will always remain available to address your questions or concerns as they arise.

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