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Failure to File or Pay Taxes

If you have not filed your return, accurately reported your income or paid taxes, there is reason for concern.  In many cases, individuals, businesses, trusts or organizations may not realize their reporting or payment obligations.  In other cases, taxpayers fear they do not have the money to make payments and therefore decide to wait in the hopes of eventually coming up with the amount due.  In still other cases, taxpayers “drop out” of the system for one reason or another because one year’s non-filing leads to the fear that filing now would make alarm bells go off at the IRS about a previous year’s non-filing.  Finally, some individuals willfully fail to file or underreport income to escape their responsibility.

Regardless of the reason, most of these situations can be resolved successfully with the help of legal counsel and by voluntarily addressing the problem.  The IRS would prefer to work things out.  If, however, the IRS finds you and determines that you have willfully and intentionally evaded the law, it may impose criminal penalties, in addition to monetary fines and penalties.

Pennsylvania Tax Attorney Will Help Bring You Back into Compliance

I will personally work with you to bring you back into compliance. I have relationships with certified public accountants who have decades of experience helping taxpayers just like you file all necessary returns.  Together, we will swiftly and properly bring you into compliance to reduce and, most likely, avoid the possibility of criminal sanctions.

Even if the IRS decides not to pursue a criminal investigation, it is still free to pursue other collection activities including wage garnishment, bank account levies and seizures of property.  By not coming forward, you risk allowing the IRS to determine the extent of your unreported taxes, which is not advisable.  The Internal Revenue Service and applicable state tax agency may simply make up a tax return for each year not filed and assess taxes, penalties, and interest based upon this return.  This may be a far cry from what you actually owe.  These returns may fail to take into account exemptions for spouses and children, deductions for home mortgage interest or legitimate business expenses.  The taxing authorities may then initiate collection efforts until the amounts are fully paid.

If you have unfiled tax returns or underreported income, call or email me for a free and confidential consultation.  In contract to your accountant, the attorney-client privilege will protect your communications with me.  Only the attorney-client privilege survives a Pennsylvania or federal criminal tax investigation or prosecution.

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