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IRS Audits & Investigations

Although the IRS refers to them as examinations, we know them better as audits. But regardless of what you call them, they can be an intimidating and intrusive probe of your financial affairs. IRS audit rates are rising dramatically for all types of taxpayers. Within the past few years, IRS audits of individual taxpayers has risen more than 25% and audits of high-income taxpayers has doubled. In addition, the odds of an audit increase considerably for self-employed taxpayers.

Typically, the audit process begins when you receive a letter stating that your tax return has been selected for an examination. This does not mean that the IRS is accusing you of lying, cheating on your tax return, or engaging in any other wrongdoing. However, the goal of the IRS audit process is to increase tax compliance and revenue collected by the government.

The moment you receive notice of an examination is the right moment to seek legal counsel. As the adage goes, “do not try this at home.” The IRS has experienced examiners, accountants and lawyers on their side. Going up against the IRS without the assistance of an experienced attorney can prove costly.

At Moretsky Law, you can count on me vigorously defending your rights in federal and Pennsylvania state examinations. I bring my years of litigation and negotiation experience to work to get you the best possible result. It is my intention to resolve your matter as expeditiously as possible and in a cost-efficient manner. I consider every option available to achieve the best outcome, including bankruptcy. In most cases, a compromise can be reached that is acceptable to both sides. Because an auditor’s performance is judged on his or her closing ratio – how many examination/audit reports are accepted by taxpayers – his or her self-interest can be used in your favor. At the same time, I am not afraid to fight for your rights in court if we determine that this offers the best chance of success.

I have helped individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, small and medium sized businesses and others in the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County area, as well as throughout Pennsylvania, achieve excellent results.

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